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Isomeris is a technology innovator that delivers future solutions for the Internet of today. Our flagship technologies will help you to make the most out of your work.

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ABSE is a quantum leap in software development. It is a new Model-Driven Software Development methodology that boosts productivity and organization, while at the same time reduces costly errors.

With ABSE you can develop your software through simple and manageable model trees. And with an associated code generator you can easily write, refactor and reorganize complete features in a matter of minutes.

Image.InfoCards technology will let you insert (embed) all types of information in your pictures.

Images' data is not touched (100% Quality) and they keep working as before (100% transparent).

You can embed memos, data cards, copyright information and even your business card.

Organize your collection, build databases, promote your work. Just imagine the endless possibilities...

Your images will have their own memory!

EmailXT may as well be the next e-mail protocol that will replace the aging system we use today.

While augmenting the current system with new features like spam erradication, full-featured address book, relationship management and seamless encryption, it relies on the existing email infrastructure, ensuring a smooth transition path.

EmailXT is currently a demonstrator project.



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